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Anesthesia Business Solutions enables clients to maximize productivity through a specialized billing and collection program.

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ABS helps clients forge highly beneficial contractual relationships with managed care organizations, hospitals, other facilities and provider organizations. Using targeted research and practice evaluation, ABS finds the best contracting opportunities for clients and then monitors the respective obligations to guarantee contract compliance.

Compliance: It is recommended that all providers develop and implement a compliance program unique to the practice. The program should allow for the evaluation of billing practices, including documentation, and an educational component to ensure that all providers and staff are aware of the results of the evaluations. ABS helps practices stay up-to-date with compliance regulations and adhere to rules applying to claim submission, human resource management and other business practices. We develop, implement and monitor compliance programs for anesthesiology practices.

Practice Evaluation: Opportunities to expand or join forces with other providers are becoming more common place. ABS enables clients to build highly productive practices by helping them clarify, align and implement new business strategies. Providers can be very intuitive about the quality of the performance of their billing operations or other practice management issues. To validate their concerns, ABS performs objective, third party audits of accounts receivable, consults on technology options, evaluates expansion opportunities and helps with recruitment of anesthesia providers. For hospital and other facilities, we help establish their billing and management services for employed anesthesia professionals.

Business Development: ABS identifies opportunities for business growth that represent the most significant revenue potential for clients. ABS also initiates discussions with prospective partners to build positive professional relationships and reforms the “nuts and bolts” evaluation necessary to make truly informed decisions.


"ABS provided us with a comprehensive evaluation of a practice expansion opportunity. The quality, depth of analysis and attention to detail contained in their report was instrumental in our decision making process."

Dan Kramer, D.O.
Brandon, Florida

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