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Anesthesia Business Solutions enables clients to maximize productivity through a specialized billing and collection program.

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Billing and Collections

ABS's billing and collections program includes:
  • Data entry and verification
  • Coding
  • Claims submission and follow-up
  • Payment posting
  • Collections
  • Follow-up
  • Performance reports

Start-up practices require attention to details that permit the practice to bill and collect payments from day one. ABS ensures the newly formed anesthesia group emerges in the marketplace in an efficient and organized fashion with minimum distraction to the practice and its individual providers. This allows the providers to concentrate on building the practice and the all-important relationships with surgeons and facility administrators and staff.

ABS uses anesthesia-specific billing software designed to accommodate the nuances of anesthesia billing. The software provides timely, accurate and consistent management reports that make the decision-making process easier for clients. We encourage direct access by our clients to their practice data and reports. This enhances our team relationship and ensures transparency in all of our activity. ABS constantly updates technology to enhance business, improve revenue and reduce overhead for clients.

Our billing software automatically checks for errors such as invalid codes and the appropriateness of the code selection. ABS's electronic clearinghouse provides automated edits to screen all claims for accuracy and completeness prior to submission.

Compliance is critical to the continuing success of any practice and to our reputation and function. It is incumbent upon the owners and management of ABS to ensure compliance with all of the laws, rules, regulations and requirements related to billing and payments from third party payers. Our responsibility extends to both governmental and private payers.

ABS fulfills our responsibility by:

  • Regular review of relevant publications and industry journals
  • Review of the Federal Register, Medicare and Medicaid bulletins and notices and publications from HCFA, the OIG and major insurance companies
  • Participation with the national and state Medical Group Management Associations and anesthesia societies
  • Attendance at industry and specialty conferences
  • Updates and regular communications with our peers and colleagues

Tony Hollingsworth, President and Chief Executive Officer for ABS, is our Compliance Oversight Officer and remains available to our staff and clients for consultation, review of specific incidents or reports of potential abuse or error. ABS encourages open and frequent communication with our clients, staff and advisors. When clients become aware of billing concerns, we ask that they share the information with us so we can follow-up to determine its relevancy and implications.

ABS’s Corporate Compliance Plan was developed in consultation with an expert healthcare attorney to ensure that we have addressed all of the required elements as directed by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid, the Office of the Inspector General for HCFA and state regulators. Beyond the legal requirements, we are committed to quality improvement.

ABS’s Corporate Compliance Plan calls for regular process and documentation audits of our billing service and our clients’ practices. Random zero balance accounts are audited against the medical record and payment information to ensure documentation supports the services billed and the payement received. ABS contracts with an expert coder to review the work of our own coders. Records are randomly selected and evaluated for the appropriateness of the code selection and missed charges or other anomalies on the billing record that may have implications for inappropriate or inaccurate coding. Routine audit services are included in our agreements, and if a potential problem is identified, we may recommend the client contract with an outside auditing firm.

ABS is in compliance with all published HIPAA standards, including the acquisition of National Provider Identifiers, Privacy Standards, Electronic Health Care Transactions and Code Sets and Security Standards.


"A topnotch billing company is essential to the financial success of any anesthesiology practice. They should work as hard at collecting our money as we did generating it. While changing our billing from in-house to ABS, that is precisely what we have found. Whether billing OR cases, pain clinic or our large volume ICU practice, their service and commitment to us has exceeded our expectations. E & M coding and billing is now hassle free. Call them like I did at 6:00 pm on a Friday night and have the boss pick up the phone….that is work ethic you can count on."

Paul Mazzoni, M.D.,
Nashville, TN

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